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The - actually useful - shotgun in action

And it's big brother, the hand cannon

Midair knife kill

Akimbo combat

Better run to the kitchen before I have my way with you

The smell of death reeks in this corridor

Akimbo SAA's do make a mess..

This gasbottle is about to explode


You know, it wasn't always like that!

Diving away sideways while emptying a clip

Shotgun vs Shotgun

Even the SAS don't survive a point blank shotgun blast

Showdown on the rooftops

Eat a load of my 50cal!

Bloody mess

Dance to my 5.56 NATO rounds

We're in trouble here

Msg90 fun

We're on the A-train to carnage

3 Round burst

Predictive spray

Show me your war face!

Stay cool Jeff!

Bang Bang Bang

Breakdance-bot preparing a turtlespin

No way out of that corner

Double Trouble

Diving through a window with guns blazing

Midair shotgun blast to the face

Arm-piercing for lazy people

Lucky bastard

Captain , i cant see shit

Left: "whaaaaaaaa" Right: "whoooooooooo"